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Author : Robert M Keay Date : Jan 14, 2019 Comment : 0

It is no secret that employee happiness is becoming more difficult to understand as the years go by. The risk of staff underperforming or leaving is just as vital to the business on a whole as it is to the employer. Here are the top secrets that you can and probably should practice to maintain employee happiness:

Company Culture

Your business is your brand and it acts as a relative indication of who you are as a boss. Not only that but you can look at your corporation as a second home and family to your future employees, where they work well alongside each other and be accountable for each other’s actions. Not everyone will fit into your company’s philosophy, but those who do should surely feel like a part of a bigger picture when they step into the office to carry out their daily roles. Remember, it doesn’t feel like work if it feels like fun!

Transparency and Loyalty

Be clear with your expectations and what you offer to them, and stick to it! Work-related information shouldn’t be hidden from them if it directly impacts the time they put in with you. Nobody likes being blindsided nor left out of the loop especially when they are also giving their time to work under your supervision. This way, nobody can say that they did not know and everyone is clearer on the main goal to be achieved.

Interesting Job Content/Offering Variety

Working can be tiring but working on the same thing over and over can be depressing. Most employees don’t really wish to do the same job, the same way for more than 2 years. Providing different approaches or better yet, offering the ability to explore other similar bits of work can sometimes be a breath of fresh air. Switch it up a bit but make sure the job gets done.


Your staff has other things to do as well and sometimes these other things can become quite demanding where it builds pressure on them to complete both office work and personal work. Be mindful of this and consider the fact that if they have enough time to handle their work, it gives them an enough time to complete yours! Another common option would be using milestones where employees are asked to deliver on within a set time. Be sure to politely follow up and make sure you know if they need any assistance if you recognise that they may be having difficulty.

Bring staff and managers together on projects

Be able to have frequent moments where you and your staff can discuss projects together. Remember to value and respect their opinions as much as you would value your own. Their perspectives may highlight a major flaw in your own judgement or spark inspiration towards a greater result. After all, they will probably be the ones doing a lot of the hands-on work towards building it so their assistance should be greatly appreciated and recognised.

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