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Author : Robert M Keay Date : Jan 14, 2019 Comment : 0

Factors That Determine Workplace Happiness LevelsWhile happiness is a state that cannot be forced onto an employee, there are many factors which can assist in uplifting that key factor in the office.

Here are a few factors which can influence happiness levels in the workplace:

Communicative Environment – Other than your home, you spend more time in the office than anywhere else. Along with that, humans thrive on interaction and communication; therefore companies which allow an open and communicative environment usually enjoy better relationships internally. This nurtures the basic need for us to form bonds and hence keeps employees happy in the long run.

Recognition – During childhood, we thrived on the A-pluses that we got in school. But why? That’s because it encouraged us to keep up the good work and to continue pressing on even when it seemed difficult. The same applies to adults. The working environment is quite difficult (and sometimes tedious), therefore, to receive that acknowledgement lets us know that we are indeed doing a good job and that our efforts are being recognized. At the same time, feedback is also critical because not only the task would be carried out to the necessary standard but it would allow you to grow and be well rounded.

Potential for Growth – Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, but most career-oriented people do not put in that effort to feel stagnant. Therefore, companies who provide development opportunities, as well as chances for promotion, show that the employee cannot be replaced because they are indeed valuable.

Independence – There are two distinct categories of employees, those who constantly need to be told what to do and those who do not need to be told that. Firstly, recognize the difference between the two and realize that those who do not need constant attention can successfully complete tasks without managers who breathe down their necks. And at the end of the day, if you felt comfortable enough to hire employees to do particular tasks, you should also feel comfortable enough that they can fulfil such without constant supervision. Your staff would feel as though they are trusted and capable of doing their duties, some would even go beyond what was asked of them because they would feel comfortable to do so.


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