Run unlimited surveys for a flat-fee and collect instant customer experience feedback.


Survey Creation

Use the survey creation supportive features, they make creating an effective survey less time consuming yet produce accurate and timely results.

Survey Templates

Don’t reinvent the wheel! When you need a standard survey, use our battle-tested templates.

Online or Offline

Everything is time stamped and queued; you can develop or respond to a survey even when not online.

Questionnaire Types

The science of questionnaire types is generally complex, we simplified and categorized the most important types and made them readily available.


Showcase the outcome of your customized research; use our automatically generated visually appealing reports - all accessible via the KT reporting application!

Mobile Surveys

Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to capturing Voice of Customer, go mobile.

Flat Rate

Develop and release as many surveys as you want at no additional cost. Our flat rate payment plan gives you the freedom you need.

Journey Mapping

Integrate your results to our uniquely dynamic journey mapping software Mapovate.

Unlimited Responses

The sky’s the limit; get as many responses as you can.

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