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Mystery Shopping is a measurement approach where individuals pose as normal customers and perform specific tasks such as buying a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way. Following the interaction with the business, the individual then provides a detailed report or feedback about their experiences. This approach is important to businesses as it produces a unbiased result and to ensure it remains interesting to the ‘shopper’, the business pays for the feedback.

Also Known As: Secret Shopping, Customer Service Audits.

KnowledgeTRAK is a mystery shopping application that brings together businesses that wants to obtain information on their service delivery and people who can collect the information, the Shoppers.

KnowledgeTRAK is the first application of its kind in the region, with a Shopper pool of more than 15,000 individuals.

Completing assignments earns you money! Mystery Shopping can typically be conducted in your free time, so it’s a great way of boosting your income.

We have also gameified the process. The more assignments you conduct and the more positive feedback you receive, the higher your Mystery Shopper Level becomes. Achieving higher levels provides access to higher paid assignments.

No formal qualifications are required, however you must be able to speak, read and write English competently, with good grammar and punctuation for report writing. Additionally, you must have an iOS or Android phone to download the App and to be able to access the application while you are conducting the shop.

On the contrary, KnowledgeTRAK pays you to shop! There are no joining fee or hidden costs in KnowledgeTRAK Mystery Shopping.

  1. Download the KnowledgeTRAK app on your iOS/ Android phone
  2. Register and login to the app/ website
  3. Search and select assignments
  4. Read the assignment instructions
  5. Visit and ‘check–in’ at the outlet location
  6. Evaluate the outlet
  7. Submit your results
  8. Get paid!

Accessing KnowledgeTRAK

KnowledgeTRAK requires iOS (version 8+) or Android (version 4.2+) with an active data plan.

Your account can be accessed through the website at home or via the Smartphone App.

Currently, KnowledgeTRAK is available in the UAE and in selected GCC countries.

Yes, the application uses an internet connection and uses location services to confirm you have visited the physical premises.

Navigate to the user log-in page https://app.knowledgetrak.com and click on the ‘forgot password’ link.

Your username is simply the email address you signed up with. If you can’t remember which email address, please email our support team.

Taking on Assignments

Our assignment selection system is very easy to use. Simply log in and search for assignments in your available area, at any time on your laptop or smartphone.

After you select an assignment, simply click the accept button.

Based on a company’s requirements, the assignments will be made available in particular areas. We are regularly getting new clients looking for able Shoppers.

No, you have to complete one before you move on to the next assignment. This is to provide you adequate time to focus on the quality of your responses.

KnowledgeTRAK has three types of mystery shopping assignments for you to choose:

Mystery shopping visit – the mystery shopper physically visits a location and evaluates the customer service skills, quality of service received, and overall staff performance as required by the Client.

Mystery shopping call – the mystery shopper makes a phone call to evaluate an employees’ customer service skills as required by the client.

Mystery shopping for website – the mystery shopper will be provided with a website address and, posing as a customer, will need to browse the website, check if all the links are working, and if the website contact us page is working to a customer’s convenience.

Completing Assignments

Make sure that you:

  1. Check the location, contact number and/ or website address.
  2. Confirm the person/staff to be evaluated (agent, teller, sales executive, manager etc).
  3. Check the purpose of doing the mystery shopping.
  4. Read the provided questionnaire and scenario thoroughly before conducting the shop.

The assignment notes will give you more information of the task and will also provide you with details of the project co-ordinator, who you can call for any further questions you might have.

You can conduct a mystery shopping call and mystery shopping for website from your home.
(refer to the previous question to understand what these are)

The length of time required varies depending on the type of mystery shop, company’s industry, amount of questions in the report. Typically the maximum time required for the actual activity is around 2 hours.

Expectations vary from assignment to assignment, you typically have 1 day following assignment to submit your feedback. In some cases you will have to provide your responses over the phone so will need to wait for a callback from the owner of the assignment.

Specific information regarding this can be found within the details of each assignment.

If you have accepted an assignment, but you realise that you will not be able to complete it within the allotted time, or before the deadline, click on the ‘release’ button which is next to the assignment information as soon as possible to ensure someone else can pick up the assignment.

There are no minimum assignments that need to be completed, you get paid for the number of assignments that you have completed. The more assignments, the more money you will earn.

In some cases you might be asked to make a purchase as part of the assignment. In the event that this is required, you simply need to keep your receipt and send it to us when requested so that we can reimburse you. In some cases you might be asked to return the item to the store (for example, in the case of measuring refund policies).

In order to complete the assignment, you are required to ‘check-in’ at the location of the mystery shopping assignment. KnowledgeTRAK uses the geo-location services of your smartphone to confirm your attendance.

Step by step guide to checking in:

  1. When you have reached the required location, turn on your GPS.
  2. Open the assignment on your smartphone, click on the ‘Check In’ button
  3. This will be tracked and recorded by  the KnowledgeTRAK app.

KnowledgTRAK keep shoppers identities confidential, for further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy

Problems with Assignments

If you are unable to complete the assignment due to an incorrect location, please contact the project co-ordinator. The contact details will be provided within the assignment notes.

Your response could be rejected because the report did not match the assignment details or expected quality levels.

If your response is rejected, you will receive a notification with the reasoning behind the rejection. If the company rejects your report, it will be stated as an invalid response and you will not be paid for the report.

If you have any questions about the scenario of the response required for the report, please contact the project co-ordinator. The contact details can be found in the assignment notes.

Assignments are posted by our clients and they available assignments are updated in real time so keep checking back. Also, please note that to accept more than one assignment at a time, you have to achieve a higher Mystery Shopper Rating.

Getting Paid

The amount you will be paid for completing a response will be displayed when you search for assignments. The pay varies based on the length and complexity of the responses required or of the reporting.

As soon as your response is approved by the client, KnowledgeTRAK accounts department will review and the money will then be transferred to your KnowledgeTRAK account, where you can choose to withdraw it or leave it until later on.

No, there is no cap on earnings for conducting mystery shopping assignment

Mystery Shopper Rating

Your mystery shopping rating is the total rating you have achieved from undertaking mystery shopping assignments. Your rating typically reflects the amount of shops that you conduct and the quality of your reports.

Please see below for the calculations on how your rating is generated.

Points are earned towards your rating as you complete assignments and undertake activities, outlined in the table below.

When a shopper registers on KnowledgeTRAK 10 points
When you links your social account (Google or Facebook) to KnowledgeTRAK 5 points
When you complete your profile 10 points
When you refer a friend who becomes a mystery shopper on KnowledgeTRAK 5 points
When you submit your first assignment 50 points
When you submit an assignment 10 points
When an assignment is released before deadline -3 points
When an assignment is released after deadline -10 points
When a client returns an assignment back to the shopper for rework -1 point

  1. Review the guidelines, report forms and other materials before ‘shopping.’
  2. Get to know the client.
  3. Check-in are required locations.
  4. Report immediately after shopping.
  5. Answer every report question as accurately as possible.
  6. Include all required comments and narratives, make sure they are consistent with the answers to the questions.
  7. When the company provides a style guide, follow it.
  8. Verify that your comments are objective and not opinions.
  9. Carefully proofread your comments to check spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  10. Submit any required documentation, such as receipts, business cards etc.
  11. Get your reports in before the deadline.

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